Mayday Memory is now available!

Lucydream has released their sixth game, Mayday Memory! Published by, the female-oriented game was officially released on 19 April 2019. Mayday Memory is available in English and Korean.

In the year of 2099, you play as Dell, a young woman who lost her memories three years ago. Now working as a private investigator in [Vigil], the office lands into a big case – to recover the memories of top-celebrity Ain. In a world where people can buy and sell memories, you join forces with your colleagues Syd and Hansol and try to solve the case.

Unlike previous Lucydream games, Mayday Memory utilises an energy system. Energy is used to read episodes and select choices.

Lucydream_Mayday Memory_1.jpg

The game also includes interactive mini-games such as finding clues within a time limit and reading side stories by spending time with your favourite guy.

Lucydream_Mayday Memory_Investigation.jpg

Mayday Memory can be download via Google Play Store or App Store.

EDIT: You can find the Mayday Memory guide here and join the Official Mayday Memory Discord server here.


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