Mayday Memory Review

I hear your voice, Mayday! Mayday! In Lucydream’s first release of 2020, Mayday Memory is a remembrance of situations that are twisted, crazy yet memorable. When a popular pop-idol loses his memories, it is up to private investigators of Vigil to solve the case. Grab your phones, grab your oranges, it's time to enter a… Continue reading Mayday Memory Review

Dress Up! Time Princess Review – A Beautiful, Captivating Dream

Wearing clothes has never been more magical than this. If given the choice, would you change history? Would you choose to carve a future with someone you hold dear? When an ordinary day takes a magical turn, Dress Up! Time Princess empowers you to control your destiny and find your happy ending in history. At… Continue reading Dress Up! Time Princess Review – A Beautiful, Captivating Dream

The Farm: Sassy Princess Review : Its a golden affair

Currently taking a short break from playing otome games to be a farmer in The Farm: Sassy Princess. Once upon a time, there lived a fourteen-year-old princess. One fine day, her father, King Brassicus commanded the princess to marry an old man. To the shock of the King, the princess refused and ran away! Filled… Continue reading The Farm: Sassy Princess Review : Its a golden affair

Ayakashi Romance Reborn Review – Overview

Ayakashi Romance Reborn

It took me ten limited-time story events to remember that Ayakashi Romance Reborn had a main story. When evil spirits destroy the peace and harmony of the place you call home, Ayakashi Romance Reborn wants you to know the power of friendship. Holding an ancient wand in your hand, get ready and be whisked away… Continue reading Ayakashi Romance Reborn Review – Overview

Beauty in Royal Harem Review – Everything at once

Lately, I am addicted into playing mobile games about palace intrigue. Now that a new game about palace intrigue is out in English, even though it's not an otome game, let's play it! Combining dress-up, palace drama, petty infighting, kitties and handsome dudes all into one app, Beauty in Royal Harem only wants one thing… Continue reading Beauty in Royal Harem Review – Everything at once