Dangerous Shelter Guide

Dangerous Shelter Guide


Dangerous Shelter is a stat-raising otome game with over 20 different endings obtainable through the game. The game is published by Storytaco.Inc and developed by Lucydream.

In Dangerous Shelter, the ‘plot’ or cutscenes are based on your stats and conversations you have when you work throughout your Schedule. Working allows you to earn coins and purchase items to increase your survival and live throughout the 180 days. Players will have to balance increasing their stats while making sure that their survival stats to not drop to borderline dangerous levels.

Also, unlike the previous installments from the Dangerous series, the choices you make with your love interest do not affect your endings with them. Rather, players will be required to work/study at certain locations while hitting the required stats values to trigger an event with them.

Overall, the cheapest to more expensive endings to get for obtainable love interests as follows: Antoine → Ben → Damon → Matthew

This guide will list the stat requirements below needed to trigger the cutscene with each guy as well as how to achieve each the endings.

Thank you so much aryaelfoxx, monyanthecaticorn and Erin for providing helping out with the guide!


Green indicates an increase of stats while red indicates a decrease of stats.

Item Search

A Fork in the Road

‘A Fork in the Road’ events are dependent on your highest stat value to trigger the events as you select Item Search in your schedule.

• It’s probably nothing…keep going
Look around slowly
5 Diamonds
Flee into the thick woods
• Hide in one of the nearby buildings
100 Coins
• Run to the window
Hold your breath and wait
5 Diamonds
• Sounds like a challenge! Time to impress the others
I shouldn’t put myself in too much danger
150 coins
• I should try to stay out of danger
I’m sure it’ll be fine if I stay careful
150 Coins
Hmm…What if there’s something scary inside…
Maybe there’s something edible inside? Let’s take a look
10 Diamonds
Use your bow and arrow. It’s less accurate but silent
Use your rifle. It’s loud but more accurate
200 Coins
Hide traps under layers of snow
Come think of it, I should be fine using my hands
200 Coins
Scare them by screaming at the top of your lungs
Lure them into the ruins behind you, and catch them in a trap
400 Coins
Stay and face them, using all your knowledge to gain the upper hand
There’s no need to worry, there’s not even that many of them
10 Diamonds
Total Rewards earn from each playthrough:30 Diamonds, 1200 Coins


Clothes provide a boost to your current stats only when you equip them. Certain clothing are needed to obtain specific endings. Clothes are best equipped right from Day 0, to easily raise your chances of working or training successfully. Each successful praise from each job will give a slight bonus to the stats that you have been working on throughout your schedule.


Can Soda14 Dia+100+90+500
Cup Noodles14 Dia+500+97+100
Military Rations19 Dia+179+100+500
First Aid Kit21 Dia+500+200+178
Bandages150 Coins+66
Drinkable Water182 Coins+99
Hot Pack199 Coins+115
Sweet Potato215 Coins+64+100
Cooked Sweet Potato275 Coins+150+64
Emergency Medicine290 Coins+130+100
Mint Chocolate Ball310 Coins+180+67
Hawaiian Pizza Slice422 Coins+300+111
Hiking Rope62 Dia+4+10+4
Study Sleeping Bag69 Dia+5+5+10
Rugged Slingshot74 Dia+10+10+6
Old Lighter590 Coins+3
Old Flashlight620 Coins+3+3
Old Lantern690 Coins+4+4
Worn Fishing Rod730 Coins+4+5
Misplaced Shovel810 Coins+6+5

Cutscene Requirements

*Each triggered cutscene provides 5 Diamonds every single time.

The options for each cutscene with your love interest have no affect whatsoever. You can choose and pick whatever option you like.


Suggested Outfit: Antoine’s Outfit (420 Diamonds)

EventStat RequirementsSchedule/ Location
• I don’t
• Isn’t it you who has a problem
Endurance/ Cooking: 1+Gardening/ Restaurant Work/ Cooking
• Why are you backing away?
• Is there a problem?
Endurance/ Cooking: 10+Gardening/ Restaurant Work/ Cooking
• I’m sorry
• You’re too much
Endurance: 50+
Cooking: 50+
Gardening/ Restaurant Work/ Cooking
• You want to eat it, right?
• I should ignore him
Gardening/ Restaurant Work/ Cooking
• Stare at him
• Agree with him
Endurance: 85+
Cooking: 200+
Gardening/ Restaurant Work/ Cooking
• Mess with him
• It’s fine
Restaurant Work/ Cooking
• How did it taste?
• Didn’t you say you refused to eat it?
Restaurant Work/ Cooking
• Is there a problem?
• Are you hungry?
Endurance: 250+
Cooking: 310+
Restaurant Work/ Cooking
• What about you?
• Be quiet!
Endurance: 250+
Cooking: 390+
Restaurant Work/ Cooking
• Answer playfully
• Answer lightly
Endurance: 300+
Cooking: 450+
Restaurant Work/ Cooking
Day 180 – Antoine’s Ending (Antoine’s Outfit Required)


Required Outfit: Ben’s Clothes (490 Diamonds)

EventStat RequirementsSchedule/ Location
• Thank you
• Why are you giving me this
Medicine: 1+Hospital Work/ Medical Work
• Criticise him
Let it slide
Medicine: 25+Hospital Work/ Medical Work
Get annoyed
• Apologise
Medicine: 50+Hospital Work/ Medical Work
• Agree
• Disagree
Medicine: 65+Hospital Work/ Medical Work
• Ignore him
• Criticise him
Medicine: +
Hospital Work/ Medical Work
• Yes
• No
Hospital Work/ Medical Work
• I am
• I’m not
Hospital Work/ Medical Work
• Yes
• No
Hospital Work/ Medical Work
• Just let me
• Trust me
Hospital Work/ Medical Work
• I don’t believe it
• That makes me happy
Madness: 144+
Medicine: 550+
Hospital Work/ Medical Work
Day 180 – Ben’s Ending


Suggested Outfit: Damon’s Outfit (610 Diamonds)

EventStat RequirementsSchedule/ Location
• Thanks for the help
• Don’t interfere
Strength/Weapon Skill: 1+Hunting/ Survival Training / Weapons Training
• Thank you
• Of course I will
Hunting/ Survival Training / Weapons Training
• It’s been okay
• You’re difficult
Hunting/ Survival Training / Weapons Training
• I’m sorry
• Why are you so mean…
Survival Training / Weapons Training
• Answer him
• Ignore him
Survival Training / Weapons Training
• They’re recruits like me
• They aren’t wrong
Survival Training / Weapons Training
• Then why are you here?
• Did something happen?
Survival Training / Weapons Training
• Back away
• Stay still
Moral: 80+
Strength: 270+
Weapon Skill: 370+
Survival Training / Weapons Training
• Run over to Damon
• Wait and see
Moral: 80+
Strength: 270+
Weapon Skill: 420+
Survival Training / Weapons Training
• Nod my head
• Shake my head
Moral: 80+
Strength: 300+
Weapon Skill: 480+
Survival Training / Weapons Training
Day 180 – Damon’s Ending


Suggested Outfit: Hanbok (650 Diamonds) or Matthew’s Outfit (650 Diamonds)

EventStat RequirementsSchedule/ Location
• I’m a bit nervous
• Help me
Faith: 1+Church Volunteering/ Political Studies
• I’m worried
• Is that so? However……
Church Volunteering/ Political Studies
• Thank you
• It’s a bit burdensome
Political Studies
• Stay silent
• Yes
Political Studies
• Sounds good
• No thanks
Political Studies
• Okay
• I want to give it back
Politics: 300+
Faith: 250+
Political Studies
• Agree
• Disagree
Strength: 50+
Politics: 350+
Political Studies
• Call him by his name
• Don’t call him by his name
Strength: 85+
Politics: 430+
Political Studies
• Trust the recruits
• Trust Matthew
Strength: 85+
Politics: 480+
Political Studies
• Take it
• Look at him
Strength: 85+
Politics: 500+
Political Studies
Day 180 – Matthew’s Ending


*Do take note that the stat requirements are guidelines, certain endings may have lower or higher stat requirements than stated.

StarvationFullness < 50 while working (Watch the ad at the end to recover and obtain this ending)
FreezingHeat < 50 while working (Watch the ad at the end to recover and obtain this ending)
ExhaustionStamina < 50 while working(Watch the ad at the end to recover and obtain this ending)
DehydrationHydration < 50 while working(Watch the ad at the end to recover and obtain this ending)
BanishmentIf you fail to fulfil the rest of the endings
InsanityMadness : 500+After the update,
Outfit: Dress
Equip the Dress and work on Hunting throughout 180 days
Sudden DeathRepeating Gardening work throughout the 180 days
Early ExplusionRest throughout the 180 days
DamonMoral: 80+
Strength: 300+
Weapon Skill: 480+
Suggested Outfit: Damon’s Clothes
MatthewStrength: 85+
Politics: 500+
Suggested Outfit: Hanbok/ Matthew’s Clothes
AntoineEndurance: 300+
Cooking: 450+
Suggested Outfit: Antoine’s Clothes
BenMadness: 144+
Medicine: 550+
Suggested Outfit: Ben’s Clothes
Safe Zone CaretakerStrength: 200+
Moral: 360+
Politics: 670+
Required Clothes: Caretaker’s Uniform
Suggested Schedule: Survival Training, Medical Work and Political Studies
Captain of the GuardWeapon Skill: 650+
Politics: 100+
Strength: 200 (Outfit)
Endurance: 200 (Outfit)
Suggested Clothes: Sailor Uniform
Suggested Schedule: Do Hunting till you have 650+ stats in Weapon Skill or till Day 126. Followed by spending the rest of the days at Item Search – Explore Shopping Mall to increase Politics to 100.
Cult LeaderDo Political Studies for all 180 days in a DressRequired Clothes: Dress
Coins required: 41,000
FarmerEndurance: 300+
WaitressCooking Lvl 3
Cooking: 500+
NunChurch Volunteering: Lvl 3
Faith: 500+
Clothes: Nun’s Habit
WorkerStrength: 200+Suggested Jobs: 50% on City Rebuilding and divide the rest to as you like it
HunterWeapon Skill: 500+Suggested Job: Hunting
NurseDoing Hospital Work for all 180 days in normal clothes
Survival ExpertSurvival Training: Lvl 3
Strength: 350+
Endurance: 450+
Weapon Skill: 100+
After the update,
Suggested Outfit: Hunting Gear
Suggested Job: Survival Training & Gardening
* Be careful not to let any of your stats for Strength and Endurance to go beyond 500.
Weapon InstructorWeapons Training: Lvl 3
Weapon Skill: 500+
Suggested Outfit: Hunting Gear
Suggested Job: Weapon Training
ChefStrength: 200+
Endurance: 200+
Cooking: 500+
Suggested Outfit: Sailor Uniform
DoctorStrength: 250+
Medicine: 500+
PatrollerStrength: 200+
Endurance: 200+
Weapon Skill: 350+
Finish all ‘A Fork in the Road’ cutscenes at Explore City Outskirts
EthanStrength: 300+
Weapon Skill: 400+
Endurance: 100+
Moral: 158 (Outfit)
Madness: Below 100
Finish all ‘A Fork in the Road’ cutscenes at Explore City Outskirts
Suggested Schedule: Hunting, City Rebuilding and Item Search
Suggested Outfit: Damon’s Clothes
LawrencePolitics: 400 (Outfit)Suggested Outfit: Caretaker’s Uniform
EDIT – Suggested Schedule: Do Item Search – Explore Zombie Areas for all 180 days
In the EndEndurance: 200+
Weapon Skill: 200+
BreakdownEndurance: 267 (Outfit)
Cooking: 300+
All other stats should also be slightly raised
Suggested Outfit: Antoine’s Clothes
Suggested Schedule: Do Restaurant Work till Day 72 or 300 stats in Cooking. Followed by Hospital Work till Day 108, Hunting till Day 135, City Rebuilding till Day 153, Church Volunteering till Day 171 and the last 9 days on Restaurant Work, Item Search – Explore Shopping Mall twice
CaretakerStrength: 200+
Moral: 300+
Politics: 500+
Suggested Outfit: Caretaker’s Uniform
Bad FaithMoral: 322 (Outfit)
Politics: 200 (Outfit)
Faith: 200 (Outfit)
Madness: 400+
Suggested Outfit: Hanbok
Suggested Job: Hunting
Ordinary CitizenStrength: 110+
Cooking: 200 (Outfit)
Endurance: 267 (Outfit)
Faith: 150+
Medicine: 50+
Suggested Outfit: Antoine’s Clothes
None of the stats should be above 300
(Jobs that I did were Church Volunteering till I got Faith at 150, followed by City Rebuilding til I got 100 for Strength and finally Hospital Work for my final few days)
Construction SupervisorWork on City Rebuilding for all 180 days
TeacherMoral: 300+Suggested Outfit: Hanbok
Equip Hanbok and do Restaurant Work for all 180 days


  • Purchasing Diamond outfits are the fastest and best way to achieve your desired ending. It is best to save Diamonds to obtain them.
  • Diamonds can be farmed easily by playing through the game repeatedly and by triggering cutscenes through working or Item Search. Trigger a cutscene with a love interest nets you 5 Diamonds each time while Item Search nets you a total of 30 Diamonds each playthrough.
  • Certain endings require you to equip a specific outfit before selecting the ending. It is best to equip the necessary outfit right from Day 0 to trigger available cutscenes and increase your stats accordingly.
  • Coins are best spent on food. It is not worth to purchase Coin weapons and outfits as these items can obtained through Item Search.
  • It is best to save coins and schedule yourself to work on Earning Coins whenever you can, Endings that require scheduling training will see you lose coins very quickly.
  • For easier endings such as Farmer, Nun and Nurse etc is best to focus on the specific job that raises their stats throughout the game.

53 thoughts on “Dangerous Shelter Guide”

  1. Hello! Thank you very much for your hard work! Can i ask a question? What shedules do you do to get a “Cult Leader“ ending? And what clothes do you wear? I tried three times, but two of them i get “Banishment“ and one time “Insanity“ PLEASE HELP ME!


  2. Thank you very much, really :D. But I am a bit late, in new version of application, this gives new ending “Construction Supervisor”. So I have to look for other possible ways for this ending.


    1. Hello! Thanks for the update. Did a replay with the new version, and to now get the ending for Sudden Death, you will have to do Gardening for all 180 days instead. Equipping Basic clothes will do.

      Hopefully you can get the ending this time! 🙂


    1. Hello! No worries, after the update, there were several changes to getting all the previous endings.

      To get the Insanity ending, equip the Dress and work on hunting or do Political studies for all 180 days.

      For Survival Expert, equip the Hunting Gear and get Survival Training to Lvl 3. Your stats should be below 500, with Strength at 350, Endurance at 450 and Weapon Skill at 100.

      You should be able to obtain the endings this way.

      Also thank you for your help on In The End as well! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Umm…Hi! Sorry if i annoy you by asking questions, but to get an “Construction Supervisor” ending what clothes should i wear? And how many days i need to do “City Rebuilding”?


  4. I got the Ethan ending! I was wearing Damien’s clothes and I split each day between hunting, city rebuilding, and explore city outskirts until I got all the cut scenes for the exploring path, then I just put the rest toward mostly construction and the rest towards hunting. I don’t know the stats I ended on, though

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi aryaelfoxx, thanks for sharing! With your information, I managed to get the ending for Ethan as well.

        From my gameplay, Lawrence appeared once at City Rebuilding and Political Studies. I’m not too sure if he appeared elsewhere though.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Monyanthecaticorn. My app’s the most current version when I got this 😊

      Otomelliee, it’s no trouble! Thank you for your hard work! I will experiment on getting Lawerence with city rebuilding and political studies and the search outskirts. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hmm… Another thing I notice is that the endings most relevent to Ethan is hunting and construction worker. While Ethan doesn’t appear in the ending for hunting, he does get really sweet towards you the more you’re in it. He’s incredibly sweet to you in the construction worker ending. Lawerence is relevent in the caretaker ending so I think it’s somewhere along here. I’m gonna equip caretaker clothes while I’m experimenting

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hello again. I’m really sorry for this but are there any updates with the cult leader and the nurse ending? I tried following the instructions but I always get the teacher and the insanity ending. 😦 I’d appreciate the help. Thank you!


    1. Don’t be sorry, we can help one another on this! 🙂

      There were a lot of changes to the endings caused by the new update so I’m re-looking through those as well. It will be updated when I get the endings. Please bear with me >_<


      1. Really thank you! I managed to only get 60% complete on my own so I really appreciate you guys doing all this work. Hopefully we can get the Lawrence ending soon. I’m also experimenting with the tasks to see what ending I can get. Can I ask what specific tasks you did for the caretaker ending? Thank you again!


      2. Also, the details for the breakdown isn’t complete. Not sure if it was just on my end. You said do hospital work until day 126 followed by… I couldn’t see anymore. I’m really, really sorry for this.


      3. Oops, the requirements for breakdown still needs to be checked – I got the ending but I didn’t know exactly how haha. Will update soon.

        For Safe Zone Caretaker, you will just have to repeat the following for each slot in your schedule: Survival Training (Strength), Medical Work (Moral) and Political Studies (Politics). Once you hit the stat requirements for Strength(200) and Moral(360), you can focus your efforts on Politics.


  6. I got Lawrence’s ending! I wore the Caretaker’s uniform and explored zombie areas and city rebuilding until my strength was at 300. I stopped once I got lvl 2 city rebuilding and didn’t finish all the fork in the road scenes (mainly up to the scene where you have to choose between a rifle or a bow and arrow to shoot the wolf). I did political studies until I reached 500 Politics, and did hospital work for the remaining days (got 263 Moral from it).

    Fun fact: I wanted to get the caretaker’s ending, but got too carried away and my stats were 300+ Strength, 500+ politics and I had to desperately catch up on my Moral stats, which is how it led to this unexpected ending haha✨

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh I got it now!! I got Lawrence’s ending! Though in an entirely different manner. But I got the idea from you so thanks still!! I wore the caretaker uniform and worked on City Rebuilding, Hospital Work and Explore Zombie. Once I finished all Fork in the Road events, I focused on City Rebuilding, and Hospital work until Strength and Morale were both at 300+. The last 9 days I spent working at the Hospital since by then my morale was just at a 280+. I left politics at 400 (stats of the outfit).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg thanks so much Erin and monyanthecaticorn for solving this! For the longest time, I couldn’t seem to figure out this ending and got fatigue from constantly replaying the game 😅

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! You can equip Antoine’s Clothes and follow this: Do Restaurant Work till Day 72 or 300 stats in Cooking. Followed by Hospital Work till Day 108, Hunting till Day 135, City Rebuilding til Day 153, Church Volunteering till Day 171 and the last 9 days on Restaurant Work, Item Search – Explore Shopping Mall twice. This will get you the breakdown ending


  7. Hello, can someone help me with Lawrence’s ending? I already played multiple times and always get caretaker ending even with this guide (maybe because update?). 😅

    Btw thank you for your guide, it’s help me a lot 😍😍


    1. Hello! If that ending doesn’t work out, you can try this method to get Lawrence ending instead: Wear the Caretaker’s Uniform and do Item Search – Explore Zombie Areas for all 180 days.


      1. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! Finally I finished all ending 😍😍
        I always want Lawrence’s ending and didn’t expect the ending like that (consider Lawrence’s ending in dangerous fellow lol)


    1. Hi pochiia, did you follow the suggested schedule? To clarify, you will have to work at the restaurant till Day 72 and make sure that your last turn should be Restaurant Work, Item Search – Explore Shopping Mall, Item Search – Explore Shopping Mall to get breakdown.


  8. I was trying for the Nun ending and spent all 180 days at Church Volunteering, my Faith stat was well over 500, but I received the Banishment ending. I wasn’t wearing any outfit. Does anyone know what I was missing?


  9. I’m sorry I have another questions. I tried doing the hunter but ended up getting other ending. which clothes should I wear?


  10. Hello! I just wanted to comment that to get Construction Supervisor you don’t need to work for 180 days straight, you can rest too. (I rested for i think 10 schedules worth….30 days in total and got that ending for the second time.)
    And to get Survival Expert you don’t need to have Strength and Endurance up that much! I was wearing Survival Gear (coin clothes), my Weapon Skill was exactly 103, Strength was around 200 and Endurance around 300. Survival Training was level 3 though.


  11. Hi, i wanted to see the guide for jung Hi of love Unholyc but the link keeps sending me to this page :((((((((


    1. I think you may need to save up a lot of gold to take cooking classes. Working at the restaurant doesn’t seem to increase Cooking fast enough.


  12. I was able to get Lawrence’s ending with the Dress that I’d previously purchased for the Cult Leader ending (way to save gems XD). The dress gave me a starting Politics of 378, so I did Explore Shopping Mall for the first 4 days to increase it to 402. After that, I kept doing Explore Zombie Areas until day 180.
    Now I’m trying to get the Chef ending with Antoine’s Clothes so that I don’t have to spend 640 gems on the Sailor Outfit. Let’s see if I can make it. 🙂


  13. How do I get the “In The End” ending? I looked at your guide and I did hunting to increase my weapon skill until it got to about 406 (I think it took like 120 days? Sorry I can’t remember) and then I just did gardening for the rest of the days to get some endurance because since I had Antoine’s clothes on, I already had more than 200 endurance.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Basically I switched between exploring the city and hunting Usa the Star Light suit.
      But basically I dedicated myself to raise the endurance to over 200 and the weapon skill as well.


  14. Hi o need to know how to get the specific end Safe Zone Caretaker because I follow the steps and I obtain Only “Caretaker” it’s there a difference between the 2 endings?


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