Lucydream opens pre-orders for their upcoming game Mystic Code

EDIT: The pre-order has ended. EDIT 2: The global version of the game has officially been released on Google Play and App Store! You can find my walkthrough of the game here. From the creators of Dangerous Fellows, Korean otome company Lucydream has opened up pre-orders for their upcoming game, Mystic Code! The pre-order event… Continue reading Lucydream opens pre-orders for their upcoming game Mystic Code

Otome Game Review: Dangerous Fellows by Lucydream

This is going to be my first review to start the year. Have a happy 2019 everyone! Do note that this review contains spoilers. If you have yet to complete the game, you might want to look at the walkthrough here. If Train to Busan was a movie about surviving a zombie outbreak inside a… Continue reading Otome Game Review: Dangerous Fellows by Lucydream

[iOS/Android] Dangerous Fellows Walkthrough/Guide

Dangerous Fellows is a mobile otome game published by lucydream and was released on 4 November 2018. The game has a total of 7 endings, 1 normal ending, an ending each Ethan, Harry, Zion, Eugene and Lawrence and an alternate ending. The alternate ending can only be obtained after finishing three endings in the game… Continue reading [iOS/Android] Dangerous Fellows Walkthrough/Guide