Time Princess | Princess Sissi Walkthrough

Time Princess | Princess Sissi Walkthrough

Time Princess Princess Sissi has a total of 1 Chapter consisting of 18 stages.

1 – 1 The Weird Girl

Tags: [Warm][Noble]

  • To go and stop him* – Ida Goodwill ↑
  • To wait and see what happens*

Event log: Titania, House of Wittelsbach

1 – 2 The Past

Tags: [Simple][Elegant]

  • Hungary’s beautiful scenery
  • The poems of Sandor Petöfi
  • Pretend you accidentally fell off your horse
  • Say you found an injured wolf pup

Event log: Ferdinand I, Innsbruck, Petöfi (if you selected the poems of Sandor Petöfi)

1 – 3 Show of Talents

Tags: [Cooling][Perky]

  • Go and comfort her* – Ida Goodwill ↑
  • Leave quietly*

Event log: ride sidesaddle

Event: Bavarian Rose

1 – 4 Unexpected Encounter

Tags: [Simple][Elegant]

Requirements: Ida Goodwill Lvl 2

  • Continue denying it
  • Admit with embarrassment – Ryszard Goodwill ↑
  • I love seeing the view from mountaintops
  • I enjoy the climb – Ryszard Goodwill ↑

Event log: ride sidesaddle

Event: Bavarian Rose

1 – 5 After the Ball

Tags: [Grand][Elegant]

Requirements: Star of Sissi (Outfit)

  • Stand up for Néné – Helene Goodwill ↑
  • Suppress my anger for Néné
  • Catch up to Ida*
  • Go to the gardens to meet Ryszard*

1 – 6 Heart’s Key

Tags: [Cooling][Perky]

Requirements: Ryszard Goodwill Lvl 2

*Unlocks if you previously selected Go to the gardens to meet Ryszard in Stage 1-4

  • Trust Ida*
  • Doubt Ida*

If you selected Trust Ida,

  • Ask Ryszard for help – Ryszard Goodwill ↑
  • Return to fetch some money

1 – 7 Sincere Treatment

Tags: [Cooling][Perky]

*Unlocks if you previously selected Catch up to Ida in Stage 1-4

  • I believe there are open-minded nobles
  • I’m worried you’ll get in trouble

1 – 8 Birthday Invitation

Tags: [Warm][Noble]

Requirements: Helene Goodwill Lvl 2

  • Very dangerous*
  • Very impressive* – Ida Goodwill ↑
  • Request to bring Ida*
  • Don’t bring it up*

Event log: Bad Ischl

1 – 9 Harrowing Experience

Tags: [Cooling][Perky]

Requirements: Young Ambition (Outfit) | Ida Goodwill Lvl 3

  • Offer to secretly bring Ida along**
  • Ask Ida to wait for me to send a message* → Ending: Falling Rocks

**Unlocks and opens Stage 1-10 if you previously selected Trust Ida in Stage 1-6 Heart’s Key, Request to bring Ida in 1-8 Birthday Invitation

Event log: Ares

1 – 10 Hidden Secrets

Tags: [Grand][Elegant]

Requirements: Ryszard Goodwill Lvl 3

  • Argue for what’s right
  • Apologize anyway
  • A rational soldier*
  • A considerate gentleman* – Ryszard Goodwill ↑

Event log: Radetzky

1 – 11 Unexpected Visitor

Tags: [Simple][Elegant]

Requirements: Helene Goodwill Lvl 3

  • Continue observing in secret
  • Approach them and ask questions
  • Agree – Ida Goodwill ↑
  • Hesitate

1 – 12 Brave Heart

Tags: [Cooling][Perky]

Requirements: Blooming Fields (Outfit)

  • Escape* →  Ending: Caged Bird
  • Stay and argue*

1 – 13 Best Partner

Tags: [Simple][Elegant]

Requirements: Ryszard Goodwill Lvl 4

  • Apologize* – Ryszard Goodwill ↑
  • Ask him why he’s here*
  • Is the same* – Ryszard Goodwill ↑
  • Has changed*

Event: Moonlit Dance

1 – 14 Royal Ball

Tags: [Grand][Elegant]

Requirements: Helene Goodwill Lvl 4

  • Reach out a trembling hand* – Ryszard Goodwill ↑
  • Refuse to respond*

Event: Love of a Lifetime

1 – 15 Heart’s Desire

Tags: [Simple][Elegant]

Requirements: Vienna Stroll (Outfit)

  • I’m not afraid** – Ryszard Goodwill ↑
  • I am afraid* → Ending: Unwilling Empress

If you selected I’m not afraid,

  • Remain silent
  • Refuse again

**Unlocks if you previously selected Is the same in 1-13 Best Partner and Reach out a trembling hand in Stage 1-14 Royal Ball

1 – 16 Heart’s Answer

Requirements: Ida Goodwill Lvl 4

  • Protest in silence*
  • Continue to retort*

1 – 17 Seeds of Hatred

Tags: [Warm][Noble]

Requirements: Chivalric Air (Outfit) | Ida Goodwill Lvl 5 | Helene Goodwill Lvl 5

  • Take a risk and grab the pistol* – Ida Goodwill ↑
  • Rush outside* →  Ending: Together in Life and Death

Event: Weathering with You

1 – 18 Empress’ Character

Tags: [Simple][Elegant]

Requirements: Ryszard Goodwill Lvl 5

*If you previously selected Protest in silence in Stage 1-16, the story ends with Ending: Unresolvable Hatred.

*If you previously selected Continue to Retort in Stage 1-16,

  • Put everything aside and leave → Ending: An Uncertain Future
  • Make a promise and convince the crowd →  Ending: Weather the Storm Together

Event: Through the Rain

10 thoughts on “Time Princess | Princess Sissi Walkthrough”

  1. I believe the ending resulting from protesting in silence (in 1-16) is actually called “Unrest is a Tall Tree,” not “Unresolvable Hatred.”

    Also, the “Weather the Storm” ending (1-18) is actually called “Weather the Storm Together.”


    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for pointing out 1-18! It has been amended. May I know where “Unrest is a Tall Tree” appears? The flow chart indicates as “Unresolvable Hatred.”


  2. Hi, would you know who the fourth character to unlock in Princess Sissi is and where to unlock them? I’ve unlocked Ferdinand I, Ares and Radetzky already. If you could please help that’ll be great. I love your guides ❤️


    1. Olivia, the character you need to unlock is Petőfi. I think this is done in Chapter 1-2; Sándor Petőfi is an option you can choose when Sissi is telling Ida what she loves about Hungary. I hope this helps. 🙂


  3. So I have the Falling Rocks ending but if you look at the flow chart there is a box after the ending. Do you have any idea how I unlock that?


  4. Hello is there anyway to reset the princess sisi story back to the beginning? With the companions goodwill back to zero? I have gotten to a point where I need blueprints fro helene and ryzsard at Goodwill 2. The problem is I have them both at Goodwill 5’and I never received the blueprints for getting them to Goodwill 2. Would love to finish this story as it is my favorite! Thanks!


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