Time of the Dead Walkthrough

Time of the Dead is a mobile interactive otome game created by Lucydream and published by StoryTaco.Inc. The English version of the game was released on 31 May 2021. The game has a total of 6 endings – 1 normal ending, an ending each Gyeom, Bok, Yeob, Ryu and a hidden ending.

General Guide and Tips

  • There are several character’s endings that are harder and much more expensive to unlock. For example, Ryu and Yeob require more Gem options as compared to Gyeom.
  • In this game, there is no need to max your affection points for each character with the exception of Ryu.
  • The general guideline of difficulty to obtaining each character’s ending would be:

(From the easiest and cheapest to the hardest and most expensive)

Normal → Gyeom → Bok → Yeob → Ryu → Hidden Ending

Hidden Ending Requirements

  1. Play through the Normal Ending at least once
  2. Play through Ryu’s Ending at least once
  3. Obtain at least 80% of Ryu’s affection points + gift Embroidered Handkerchief to Ryu and Incense Pouch to Yeob at Map on the same playthrough before selecting your Ending
  • I suggest getting Items (220 Gems in total) first, followed by Outfits (1350 Gems in total), Choices and lastly Tickets (300 Gems for two tickets).
  • You can obtain character specific items, Gems and hints by going on Patrol. There is a low chance of obtaining Character specific items such as Incense Pouch in Patrols. Use wisely.
  • Increase a character’s affection for you by giving them items on Map. Note that each item can only be used once for each character per play through.
  • Paid Gem options, Night Events, Clothes will be brought over to the next playthrough
  • Swap your extra puzzle pieces for Gems! Each play through should give you enough puzzle pieces to swap for 30 Gems in [Off the record].
  • Each play through will net you at least 135 Gems. (20 Episodes (5 Gems by watching a full ad after each episode) + 30 Gems swap)
  • Total amount of Gems required to:
    • Purchase all clothes: 1,350 Gems
    • Purchase all story items: 220 Gems
    • Select all choices: 3800 Gems
    • Purchase tickets to view Night events: 1,200 Gems
  • Total Gems needed to unlock the story content: 6570 Gems

Time of the Dead Walkthrough/ Guide

Episode 00 – End or Beginning

  • Well, then what about you… ++ Yeob
  • Uh, how will you be able to take all of them down by yourself…
  • You are saying I should flee to safety alone…?
  • Thank you for saving me ++ Ryu
  • I really don’t know what is going on

Episode 1 Plum Flower and Blade

  • Close my eyes
  • Observe the movement of the monsters – 100 Gems + All
  • Lady…were you referring to me? ++ Bok
  • You don’t need to be so formal…? + Bok
  • Do we know each other from before? + Bok
  • Young Master, let me explain…! ++ Gyeom
  • There was…a complicated situation + Gyeom
  • He wasn’t lying when he said there is a monster + Gyeom

Episode 2 Into the Library

  • Stop fighting…! + Gyeom
  • Somebody’s gonna get hurt…! – 100 Gems ++ Gyeom (Optional)
  • How has it come to this all of a sudden??! + Gyeom
  • (Who else is here but me?) ++ Gyeom
  • (What kind of nonsense is he spewing all of a sudden?)
  • (Plum Flower…? Earlier he mentioned something else alongside that?) + Gyeom
  • I didn’t know Buddle was here
  • No need to thank me – 100 Gems ++ Bok (Optional)
  • Yeah, we can relax here now + Bok
  • I just wanted… to thank you properly… – 100 Gems ++ Yeob (Optional)
  • I didn’t know you were…that famous person + Yeob
  • Ah! Nothing! I don’t really have anything to say + Yeob

Episode 3 A Nonhuman Thing

  • But to say I’m a monster… It’s just that I have my reasons + Gyeom
  • Well, I was allowed in as a guest… ++ Gyeom
  • Monster…? You know something about what’s happening? + Gyeom
  • Go straight to using the map – Item: Map (55 Gems) + All
  • Watch ad and borrow the map
  • And…the monsters seem to have a weakness + Gyeom
  • It’s still…too early to be losing hope + Gyeom
  • There will be a way to solve the problem ++ Gyeom
  • Can you stay here with us? – 100 Gems ++ Yeob (Optional)
  • You can’t be thinking of leaving here alone…? +Yeob
  • I know you have excellent skills in martial arts, but… + Yeob

Episode 4 The Twitch of Anxiety

  • Young Master, you weren’t aware…? ++ Gyeom
  • How come people know about the plague already?
  • Exorcism out of the blue…. + Gyeom
  • (Who could tell of the monsters)
  • I remember she mentioned a name yesterday – 100 Gems + All
  • I used to climb mountains in search of medicinal herbs + Bok
  • Whew~ I’m glad things have gotten better ++ Bok
  • My teacher taught me a lot about medicine + Bok
  • Is there any books on medicine in your Library? – 100 Gems ++ Gyeom (Optional)
  • Is there any bookstore in the village? + Gyeom

CRITICAL – The Lost Village

Requirements: Kerosene Lamp – 450 Gems

  • (Th-this is scary…Should I go join the others?)
  • (I can still just read about the texts, let’s stay looking at it a few more moments) + All
  • (The title in itself sounds creepy… I’m not sure I want to know…)
  • (Could it contain clues about the plague…?) ++ Yeob
  • Should I just look for something else…?
  • Maybe I’ll see better if I get closer + Ryu

Episode 5 The Hidden and Buried

  • You must be so tired + Ryu
  • I’m getting worried about you… Inspector + Ryu
  • I hope you don’t over exhaust yourself – 100 Gems +++ Ryu
  • How do you remember that? + Ryu
  • Perhaps… you have seen my father?
  • Did you… sleep well? ++ Yeob
  • Hi…
  • Did I…disturb your sleep?
  • You, you got something to say?
  • Do I have…something on my face?
  • If you keep looking at me like that… it’s making me feel uncomfortable ++ Yeob

Episode 6 Sign

  • (Maybe I can slip my hand from his…?) + Bok
  • (Should I talk to Bok?) + Bok
  • (just…keep holding hands with him?) – 100 Gems ++ Bok
  • Thank you, Bok + Bok
  • Bok, you are such a nice boy
  • Bok, you have so many great friends!
  • So, is there any book I can read? – 100 Gems + All
  • How did you become friends with Bok?
  • I’m not laughing at you…! ++ Bok
  • Sorry, you’re being so cute it made me laugh
  • You’ve never been to Hanyang? + Bok
  • Use a mirror right away – Item: Mirror (55 Gems) + All
  • Watch ad and borrow the mirror

Episode 7 Suspicious and Familiarity

  • I think someone’s watching us
  • Bok, I have something to talk to you about ++ Bok
  • Bok, what is it…?
  • It was just a joke
  • I was just saying because you seemed nervous… ++ Bok
  • Let go of me…! ++ Gyeom
  • You must’ve mistaken me for someone else…!
  • How can I make a comparison like that? – 100 Gems ++ Gyeom (Optional)
  • Why…compare to Bok… + Gyeom
  • Not bad, but… + Gyeom

Episode 8 Accidental or Inevitable Reunion

  • I thought you were supposed to be in Hanyang??
  • How did you end up coming here…?
  • Did anything happen at the Royal Infirmary…? – 100 Gems + All
  • You made a mistake first
  • He was just trying to protect me ++ Bok
  • Why are you cornering Bok?
  • What do I need them for? – 100 Gems + All
  • Where am I supposed to get them?
  • How did you know I was reading a book? + Yeob
  • Where did you go? It’s getting so late… ++ Yeob
  • Yeob, are you interested in books too?
  • Can you come closer? ++ Yeob
  • There’s a scratch on your cheek + Yeob

Episode 9 The Next Village

  • But… you didn’t have to grab it… + Yeob
  • I was just worried about you… + Yeob
  • What if I reach out…again? – 100 Gems +++ Yeob
  • Inspector, did you discover anything? + Ryu
  • Please don’t skip meals + Ryu
  • Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help – 100 Gems +++ Ryu
  • Is there any apothecary nearby? + Gyeom
  • Where’s the physician’s place? ++ Gyeom
  • Yes, it’s my first time + Gyeom
  • Something about this place feels familiar ++ Gyeom
  • I think I’ve been here before…ah! + Gyeom


Gyeom – Warm Return

  • What can I do for you?
  • It’s not something weird, is it…? + Gyeom
  • I can help you with whatever you want
  • D-didn’t you fall asleep…? + Gyeom
  • Uh, since when were you…
  • Y-you scared me…!

Bok – Moonlight and Knot

  • It must be fun ++ Bok
  • I was gonna ask you first + Bok
  • Okay, let’s go together + Bok
  • Isn’t it far from here? + Bok
  • To me…? ++ Bok
  • How beautiful was it? + Bok

Yeob – Impulse or Sincerity

  • Huh? Then what brought you here? ++ Yeob
  • You have to do something here, right? + Yeob
  • Then go where you have to go + Yeob
  • You could get embarrassed… ++ Yeob
  • Your face turned red… + Yeob
  • Are you feeling shy…? + Yeob

Ryu – Red Clothes

  • Please just look around the market for a while ++ Ryu
  • I think I left something + Ryu
  • Oh, my…! There is something Buddle asked me to buy + Ryu
  • It’s not my clothes…! + Ryu
  • It’s weird…right…? + Ryu
  • It’s…a wedding dress. ++ Ryu

Episode 10 Stolen Book

  • Perhaps a thief + Bok
  • Maybe they are in some place outside my room…? + Bok
  • The last time I saw my books… – 100 Gems ++ Bok
  • I…must have left them in my drawers and forgotten about it + Gyeom
  • It’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it ++ Gyeom
  • I’m still looking, but…
  • What do you mean by everybody? ++ Bok
  • Who’s reading a book? + Bok
  • Is it something you saw in the Hall of Justice?
  • Weren’t you the one behind all this? + Gyeom
  • You really didn’t know what Sim did? ++ Gyeom
  • You had no idea about what happened to my books? + Gyeom

Episode 11 Foreboding

  • Lady Lily – 100 Gems ++ Gyeom
  • Young Master Gyeom… + Gyeom
  • You had a crush on Young Master Gyeom? – 100 Gems ++ Gyeom
  • I wasn’t trying to put the blame on someone to begin with + Gyeom
  • What kind of relationship do you have… with Sim?
  • Did you forget… what you were going to say? + Gyeom
  • I don’t get…what you’re saying + Gyeom
  • Did something happen…? ++ Gyeom
  • It’s okay since I got my books back ++ Bok
  • I am in no position because I’m imposing a burden on this Library
  • I wasn’t gonna get angry to begin with…in the first place

Episode 12 Black Shadows

  • Why would you do that? You frightened them – 100 Gems ++ Yeob
  • Were you playing a prank on the twins? + Yeob
  • Are you actually showing concern for me? ++ Yeob
  • Come to think of it, its quite cloudy today
  • Are you saying I should take an umbrella?
  • Is this like the same thing from before…? ++ Gyeom
  • Is it Gary again…? + Gyeom
  • Um, do I know you…? (Any option is fine)
  • Oh…I lost my way… (Any option is fine)
  • L-let me pass… (Any option is fine)

Episode 13 Kidnapped

  • Don’t tell me… They are traffickers? – 100 Gems + All
  • They intend to harm me…?
  • Is that something you cannot tell me? + Ryu
  • That’s right + Ryu
  • I have a lot of questions, but… – 100 Gems ++ Ryu (Optional)
  • The esteemed scholars before me… could you introduce yourselves? (Any option is fine)
  • Is this your first time… in this area? (Any option is fine)
  • Why are you doing this? (Any option is fine)

CRITICAL Scars and Promises

Requirements: Sharp Hairpin – 450 Gems

  • (Won’t they find me if I wait here…?)
  • (I have to tell them I’m here!) + All
  • Scream right away + Ryu
  • Think for a moment
  • (No, I have to pull it together…!) + Yeob
  • (They said there was a price on my body…)

Episode 14 Debt and Gaze

  • Um…!
  • Could you please… stay with me for a little longer? – 100 Gems + All
  • It’s difficult for me to change the dressings by myself!
  • I really enjoy having a conversation with your ladyship… + Bok
  • I just like… being friends with people – 100 Gems ++Bok
  • Graced with your ladyship’s presence, I couldn’t help it + Bok
  • An unusual…pig? ++ Ryu
  • The kids went to the mountains by themselves?
  • Use a handkerchief right away – Item: Hankerchief: 55 Gems + Gyeom
  • Watch ad and borrow a handkerchief

Episode 15 Infected Animal

  • That pig, it might have followed them here! – 100 Gems ++ Yeob (Optional)
  • I just want to take a look outside…! + Yeob
  • There’s something suspicious about this + Yeob
  • I…understand how you feel, Young Master + Gyeom
  • You’ve done more than enough thus far ++ Gyeom
  • You don’t have to say that…
  • Someone filed…an incident report?!
  • Why Henry…
  • He doesn’t know yet where Henry is…? – 100 Gems + All

Episode 16 What I Want To Protect

  • Just follow what I say to you, okay?
  • He doesn’t know Henry + All
  • How about you pretend to be Henry? – 100 Gems + All
  • Do you have anything… to say to me? + Yeob
  • Why are you looking at me like that? + Yeob
  • You are not looking… too happy. Is something bothering you? – 100 Gems ++ Yeob (Optional)
  • It does matter – 100 Gems ++ Ryu
  • …I do it because I’d like to + Ryu
  • I get scared but… + Ryu

Episode 17 Festival at Night

  • What made you sever all contact with me?!? ++ Gyeom
  • I’ve been looking everywhere for you…
  • Have you heard anything about the symptoms of this plague before? + All
  • Do you know anything about people turning into a monster…? – 100 Gems ++ All
  • Aren’t you afraid of Henry…?
  • I believe I saw a book…on that village here – 100 Gems ++ Gyeom
  • How come there’s no records left? + Gyeom
  • How did it disappear from history altogether? +Gyeom
  • Was the culprit ever identified?
  • Is the village still there…? + Ryu
  • What happened to the villagers…? – 100 Gems ++ Ryu
  • Use sweet rice snack now – Item: Sweet Rice (55 Gems) + All
  • Watch ad and borrow it


Gyeom – Best Sincerity

  • What…? Who will you take care of? + Gyeom
  • Why do you make a vow?
  • I wasn’t worried
  • How about my favourite food? + Gyeom
  • I know a good place
  • Would you mind if I show you around?

Bok – A Heart-warming Wish

  • That you gave me snacks? + Bok
  • Sorry, I already heard it + Bok
  • I didn’t hear him ++ Bok
  • Is that all…? + Bok
  • Now’s the chance! ++ Bok
  • You love the festival, don’t you? + Bok

Yeob – By Your Side

  • When did you get here? + Yeob
  • Why didn’t you call me? ++ Yeob
  • You’re looking forward to the festival, aren’t you? + Yeob
  • Yeob, have you flown a sky lantern? ++ Yeob
  • Wow, they’re shining + Yeob
  • This is why people come to the festival + Yeob

Ryu – An Eternal Moment

  • Thank you… ++ Ryu
  • I almost fell… + Ryu
  • Haha… I just said I could keep up with you… + Ryu
  • Do you know me…? + Ryu
  • Do you know Dong-yi…? + Ryu
  • Have we met before…? ++ Ryu

Episode 18 News from Hanyang

  • Sorry…if I bothered you. + Bok
  • You must like children ++ Bok
  • Does it hurt where they bumped into you?
  • By any chance… is it for me?
  • Is it for the Inspector? ++Ryu
  • What…? M-me…?
  • A-again, with your jokes…. + Ryu
  • You just came in by…coincidence? – 100 Gems ++ Ryu
  • Did you see any monsters in Namsun…? + Bok
  • What happens if it’s the plague…? + Bok
  • Was it only the thatched house that had bloodstains? ++ Bok

Episode 19 What I Can Do

  • Inspector said he’s been there + Bok
  • A letter regarding that incident just arrived + Bok
  • What happened to the people… who were attacked? – 100 Gems ++ Bok (Optional)
  • I gotta do… my job – 100 Gems ++ All
  • I’ve got to go see what it’s like in Namsun now + All
  • Maybe it’s not too late yet
  • I’d like to do my part + All
  • I’m not alone… Everyone’s all helping me – 100 Gems ++ All
  • You don’t have to worry about me
  • Tell me of all the houses you know here – 100 Gems ++ Bok (Optional)
  • Who was the person you heard the rumour from? + Bok

CRITICAL – Stained in Blood Item

Requirements: Long Cloak – 450 Gems

  • Did we get the wrong home?
  • Did something happen here? + Bok
  • (But I don’t know where…)
  • (Oh? It must have been from there!) + Yeob
  • W-warrior! A monster!! + Ryu
  • Ahhh….!

Episode 20 Rampant

  • I’m sorry, Warrior… + Gyeom
  • How…are you feeling…? + Gyeom
  • If I had been more vigilant, this wouldn’t have happened… – 100 Gems ++ Gyeom (Optional)
  • Thank you, Inspector + Ryu
  • What happened to the place where you went to check…? + Ryu
  • I’m fine, but…the warrior… – 100 Gems ++ Ryu (Optional)
  • Are you jealous? + Yeob
  • You want me to stay with you? – 100 Gems ++ Yeob
  • My word, you don’t trust it? + Bok
  • Why didn’t they come back? + Bok
  • I promise I’ll be back – 100 Gems ++ Bok (Optional)


8 thoughts on “Time of the Dead Walkthrough”

    1. Hello! There’s no need to max out each character for this game. Hidden Ending Requirements:

      – Play through the Normal Ending at least once
      – Play through Ryu’s Ending at least once
      – Obtain at least 80% of Ryu’s affection points + gift Embroidered Handkerchief (found in patrols) to Ryu and Incense Pouch(found in patrols) to Yeob at Map on the same playthrough before selecting your Ending


  1. Hello. I want to unlock Ryus ending… I choce all of his choices, purchase the clothing and hand him the handkerchief and the night I choce him and still couldn’t unlock his ending …. I must do something else ?


    1. Hello! Have you read the normal ending at least once and read the other endings as well? If you did, and have at least 95% for Ryu, his ending will definitely unlock. 🙂


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