A short update and Semi-Hiatus

Hope everyone has been safe and well so far. I have finally gotten time to write this short post to explain my lack of posts or comments.

I started this blog as a hobby, writing guides and reviewing otome and female-oriented mobile games that I played and enjoyed. While I am really happy that my guides have helped so many people and pleased how otome or female-oriented mobile games in general have grown so much, I have started a new job and I do forsee myself to be even busier in the upcoming months. Hence, I have decided to take a step back and leave this blog on semi-hiatus.

However, the blog’s semi-hiatus status does not mean that there will be no updates. I will still be doing up guides, commenting and occasionally writing reviews albeit a much slower pace. This will mean it might sometimes take weeks for me to get back on questions. If everything goes well, I hope to be actively playing and creating guides again by the following year.

Best, Elliee~

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