Karasu-OS: A fansite to track your card collection in Obey Me!

Its been slightly over a year since the launch of Obey Me! With the game at its 46th Lesson, Obey Me! shows no signs of slowing down. The game’s continual expansion means more cards to collect, more events to participate and more new surprise guests. That being said, it gets pretty overwhelming with so much content in game.

If you are an avid card collector, it gets hard to keep track and sift through cards collected from the game’s past events. Hence, newly created fansite Karasu-OS features keeping track of your current progress and provides an overview of your current completion rate for your Demon and Memory cards.

Card completion rate for Obey Me! in Karasu-OS

Created and managed by a duo, the fansite is a convenient way to look at all existing cards and select your favourites to group it as a collection. You will never need to constantly refer back to your game and figure out what cards you are missing! To keep track of your card progress and save your cards, simply create an account on Karasu-OS and filter according to your needs by selecting ‘Manage Collection.’

Apart from keeping track of your current card progress, the website also provides a short guide for Obey Me! Surprise Guest feature. The website shows the right actions needed in Surprise guests. Toggle between the game and the website to figure out the right actions for each character.

Further along the line, the Karasu-OS also intends to add exciting new features such as event calculators and rankings of the most popular cards in the Karasu-OS community. If you are interested, head over to Karasu-OS to explore the features here.

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