maybe: Interactive Stories | My Ex Is So Into Me Walkthrough/ Guide

My Ex is So into Me Walkthrough (updating)

Initial Clothes Selection

  • [Outfit Selection] Shiny suit with gold trim – 28 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Simple and basic pink suit

Initial Hairstyle Selection

  • [Outfit Selection] Short breezy bob – 15 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Soft long hair

Chapter 1 The Reunion

  • Tell him that I know Theo + 15 Theo Hearts
  • Tell him that I don’t know Theo + 15 Chris Hearts
  • Change the subject  +15 Chris Hearts
  • Tell him it’s alright +5 Chris Hearts
  • Have dinner with him. – 20 Diamonds +48 Chris’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • Go home.

If you selected Have dinner with him,

  • Can I order two dishes?
  • Shouldn’t we keep things casual for our businesses sake?  +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] the steak and a glass of wine +5 Chris’s Heart
  • [Image Option] The pasta and a glass of soda +15 Chris’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Strawberry tart and a cup of coffee
  • Be confident +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Be discreet
  • Say, I’d like that too +15 Chris Heart
  • Avoid answering him
  • Tell him that I’m in charge and that I’m staying. – 16 Diamonds +16 Theo’s Hearts
  • Wait outside.

If you selected Tell him that I’m in charge and that I’m staying,

  • Tell him that’s absurd
  • Rebut in a calm manner +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Sign the contract
  • Don’t sign the contract +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Follow him and ask if everything’s fine. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Stay where I am. +15 Chris’s Hearts

Chapter 2 Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  • I’m sorry! I’ll make sure to replace that sign! +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Sorry for the trouble.
  • Follow Theo into his office. – 18 Diamonds + 44 Theo’s Hearts
  • Ask him to give me a tour around the factory first.

If you selected Follow Theo into his office,

  • You really haven’t changed at all since college! +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Oh. I was expecting some bad news…
  • Step back +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • Hit Theo +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Put on the bunny-shaped Band-Aid

If you selected Ask him to give me a tour around the factory first,

  • Agree with her. +5 Hanna’s Charm
  • Disagree with her. +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Join them. – 22 Diamonds +53 Hanna’s Charm Special Illustration
  • Say no and head home.

If you selected Join them,

  • Express how upset I feel
  • Ask what’s going on +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Send Juile home first +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Ask for an explanation right now
  • Believe Theo’s words +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • Don’t believe Theo’s words +15 Theo’s Hearts

If you selected Say no and head home,

  • Text him back telling him not to worry about it.
  • Don’t text him back.
  • Chris? +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • Theo? +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Say hi to Theo. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Continue talking to Chris. +15 Chris’s Hearts

Chapter 3 Coincidence or Fate?

  • [Outfit Selection] Wear the flower-pattern dress. (Rose Mallow Dress) – 27 Diamonds +65 Hanna’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Don’t change
  • Tell him to take his time. 
  • Tell him that I’ll pick him up. +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • Do you like horror movies? 
  • I’m sorry. I can’t watch horror movies.
  • Suck it up and watch the horror movie. – 24 Diamonds +58 Chris’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • Suggest a different movie.

If you selected Suck it up and watch the horror movie,

  • Lean my head on Chris’s shoulder +5 Chris’s Hearts
  • Move closer to Chris +15 Chris’s Hearts

If you selected Suggest a different movie,

  • Try diverting his attention. +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • Tell him it’s just a movie.
  • Hesitate.
  • Yes. +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • Say let’s meet up later.
  • Say I’ll wait. +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • Yeah, sure. I have some time. – 26 Diamonds Special Illustration
  • I’m sorry, I can’t right now. I’m out.

If you selected Yeah, sure. I have some time,

  • Get upset
  • Give him a fake number
  • Blow the self-protection whistle

Chapter 4 Always Missed

  • I had fun today.
  • I knew this would happen
  • Why do you care?
  • I’m sorry. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Go with Theo. – 15 Diamonds + 72 Theo’s Hearts
  • Go alone.

If you selected Go with Theo,

  • Ignore him 
  • Say bye to him
  • We used to date + 15 Chris’s Hearts
  • It’s nothing serious +15 Theo’s Hearts

If you selected Go alone,

  • Don’t reply to him.
  • Reply to him.
  • We should start the meeting first.
  • Do you need anything?
  • [Image Option] Follow them. – 18 Diamonds +44 Hanna’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Don’t follow them.

If you selected Follow them,

  • Wear the pearl necklace 
  • No, not really. + 15 Theo’s Hearts
  • We knew each other a couple of years back + 15 Chris’s Hearts
  • What do you mean by family?
  • Change the subject
  • It’s ancient history. Don’t worry about it.
  • I don’t mind you dating Theo!

Chapter 5 Where the Fine Line Lies

  • Ask if Julie needs help.
  • Help move the luggage.
  • [Outfit Selection] A stylish denim look – 30 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] His regular suit.
  • Act normal. +15 Chris Hearts
  • Avoid him.
  • Say yes. +15 Chris Hearts
  • Say no.
  • I don’t want to get hurt anymore.
  • So I’m fine.
  • His words aren’t making any sense. – 26 Diamonds + 63 Chris’s Hearts Special Illustration 
  • Maybe I should hear him out at least.

If you selected His words aren’t making any sense,

  • One of the board members raised concerns, right? + 15 Chris’s Hearts
  • Did Kay Docks file a lawsuit?
  • To stop them from complaining? + 5 Chris Hearts
  • Because your mother proposed the date? +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • I want you to be honest with me. +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • It’ll be better for me to just go back home.
  • [Image Options] Michael giving out instructions.
  • Hope that I won’t pick number 1.
  • Fumble as much as I can within the box.
  • I was just worried, I know you have a lot of work. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • I thought something was up.
  • [Image Option] Am I teaming up with Theo? +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Am I teaming up with Chris? +15 Chris Hearts
  • I’d like to team up with Julie! – 18 Diamonds +44 Hanna’s Charm
  • I’ll pass this game.

If you selected I’d like to team up with Julie!,

  • You’re incredible at sports! +10 Hanna’s Charm
  • Yes. It was a little tough.
  • Wear the victory hairband. Item: Flower Headband
  • Cough so that they will hear me. + 10 Hanna’s Charm
  • Pretend I didn’t hear anything. +5 Hanna’s Charm
  • Say that I want to participate.
  • Ask Theo to participate. + 15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Is it because of our history? +10 Theo’s Hearts
  • Is it something like the person you hate most? +5 Theo’s Hearts

Chapter 6 Turning Point

  • [Image Option] Take Chris’s hand + 15 Chris’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Listen to Theo and stay where I am + 15 Theo’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Tell him I’ll have a talk with Theo first – 24 Diamonds +58 Theo’s Hearts*
  • [Image Option] Ignore Theo and follow Chris*

*If you selected Tell him I’ll have a talk with Theo first,

  • We should go look for him! + 10 Theo’s Hearts
  • But what if I’m overreacting?
  • There’s not much to say, actually +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • I just think of him as a good friend
  • Shout for help.
  • Try climbing up the cliff

*If you ignore Theo and follow Chris,

  • Oh, okay! I’ll wait here.
  • Then I’ll go in first and get ready.
  • Call and let someone know my location and situation – 26 Diamonds → Special Illustration +63 Hanna’s Charm
  • Stay where I am and wait.

If you selected Call and let someone know my location and situation,

  • [Image Option] Call Chris + 15 Chris’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Call Theo + 15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Can you just stay here with me? +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Julie said she’ll be back in a minute!
  • Argh, my eyes! Are you trying to make me blind?
  • It’s too bright but it does feel better +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Hahaha! +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • That’s funny! +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • Oh, okay! I’ll wait here
  • Then I’ll go in first and get ready
  • I choose the one I liked best, but what if it’s not his style? – 30 Diamonds +72 Theo’s Hearts
  • And would this be enough snacks?
  • Ask him to call Theo. +15 Theo’s Heart
  • Tell him I’ll just leave something in his office. +5 Theo’s Heart

Chapter 7 As If I First Met You

  • I-I just got this for you. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • I just wanted to apologize for the trouble +5 Theo’s Hearts

If you previously brought the outfit from Hannes & Red, +7 Theo’s Hearts,

  • He tries on the outfit from Hannes & Red
  • I shouldn’t leave any regrets even if that means things are over between us! +5 Hanna’s Charm
  • We should get rid of any bitter feelings or misunderstandings +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Spare some time for Chris. – 30 Diamonds + 72 Chris’s Heart*
  • Tell him I can’t.*

*If you selected Spare some time for Chris,

  • [Image Option] Fancy dinner at a Cruise Restaurant
  • I should just be straightforward! +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • But wouldn’t it be too cold to have dinner here?
  • Answer the phone first. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Continue with the conversation first. +15 Chris’s Heart

*If you selected Tell him I can’t,

  • Tell him the truth +10 Chris’s Hearts
  • Be vague
  • What about the barbeque place we used to go to? – 32 Diamonds +77 Theo’s Hearts→ Special Illustration
  • Let’s just go anywhere.

If you selected What about the barbeque place we used to go to?,

  • My wallet can handle a meal with you. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Are you going to get my card declined?
  • That we should go somewhere else.
  • That I need to get home +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Taste assorted cheese and wine
  • You just seem so close to Julie +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • It just seems like you and Chris aren’t on good terms +15 Chris’s Hearts

If you selected You just seem so close to Julie,

  • She make me feel a bit uncomfortable +10 Hanna’s Charm
  • She’s generally fine, but when it comes to Theo she’s a bit –

If you selected It just seems like you and Chris aren’t on good terms,

  • Wow, now I’m getting confused if I’m dating him or not.
  • Who’s making up all these rumours? +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Tease him a little more +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Stop teasing him

If you selected Let’s just go anywhere,

  • [Image Option] Order steak and wine
  • Deny it
  • Be honest
  • Give her a look
  • Apologise and let her be

Episode 8 My Ex Is So Into Me

  • Yell and tell him to come down.
  • Approach the stage and tell him +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Run up to the stage +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Lie to the girl and say it’s my turn +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • I actually want to know more about you now + 15 Theo’s Hearts
  • You’re a nice person just as you are
  • Sorry! I forgot where I left it after memorizing it
  • But my handwriting is messy and I made so many typos! +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Theo +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Chris +5 Chris’s Hearts
  • Open the door with the visitor’s pass I have. +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Walk away from him
  • [Outfit Selection] Different – 30 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] The same as always
  • Stay nearby and eavesdrop. – 27 Diamonds +65 Chris’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Leave the scene

If you selected Stay nearby and eavesdrop,

  • Give Chris a hug +5 Chris Hearts
  • Vent to Chris +15 Chris Hearts
  • Thank you for being so considerate +5 Chris Hearts
  • You don’t have to do that from now on +15 Chris’s Hearts

Chapter 9 The Unforgotten Promise

  • [Outfit Selection] Go straight to the cashier – 28 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Check the price
  • Chris feels like someone else +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • I just can’t stop thinking about Theo +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Are you telling me that it’s over?
  • I’m not exactly sure what you mean.
  • Ask him to meet me. – 28 Diamonds +68 Chris’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Give him an answer some time later.

If you selected Ask him to meet me,

  • Then let’s walk a little bit
  • I’d rather sit
  • Let’s start over. As if we’re back at the beginning. +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • My feelings aren’t the same as before +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Try covering up +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • Tell him I’m fine and continue the meeting +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • You feel more like a friend to me
  • I didn’t want to hide my feelings from you when I’m upset +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Write about how you feel about Theo
  • Write about how sorry I am about today +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • It’s more like an apology letter +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • I accidentally left out a document I was supposed to give him

Chapter 10 Do You Want to Stay Over?

  • Go home. I’m not going to let you in
  • You can come, but don’t bother me
  • Go outside and find out +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Hide and listen to find out +5 Hanna’s Charm
  • Serena, wait for me inside. – 24 Diamonds +58 Theo’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Sorry, but I have a guest

If you selected Serena, wait for me inside,

  • Sorry, she’s always like that. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • So what did you want to talk about? +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • I didn’t rip up the letter! +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Can you tell me from the start? +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • You don’t have to be scared like a little boy
  • The more I get to know you, I see how cute you are sometimes +15 Theo’s Hearts

If you selected Sorry, but I have a guest,

  • Serena what’s wrong with you?
  • Yes, why don’t you join us, unless you’re busy? +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • He seems sad in a way +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • He’s looks pretty great
  • Let them be and sing +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Insist that you don’t want to sing
  • Appreciate his compliment +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Tell him to stop teasing me
  • But there’s too much to do. Let’s clean up together! – 26 Diamonds +63 Theo’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Okay then. Move, move! Go clean up!

If you selected But there’s too much to do. Let’s clean up together!,

  • Well, even so I shouldn’t complain in front of you.
  • It must’ve been difficult for you. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Sit somewhere farther
  • Sit somewhere closer +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • I’ll go and check. You can stay here.
  • Umm. Can you give me a hand?
  • She still looks like a little baby when she’s asleep though.
  • Haha. I guess she got you today.
  • Try to smooth things out. +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • Wait for his response. +15 Theo’s Hearts

Chapter 11 Unexpected Feelings

  • Sorry! I was just a bit nervous +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • You seem like you’re nervous +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Check if Theo’s still in the house
  • Check whether dad came home
  • [Outfit Selection] Standing there in a formal suit. – 30 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Standing there, as usual
  • Try changing the subject +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Just stay quiet
  • Beef and traditional Korean alcohol. – 28 Diamonds +68 Theo’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Regular traditional Korean food

If you selected Beef and traditional korean alochol,

  • Are you trying to get me into trouble?
  • Do you want to marry me or something? +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • But you’re being a coward + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • Thanks, it’s really great to hear someone say that + 5 Theo’s Heart

If you selected Regular traditional Korean food,

  • Explain myself
  • Wait until the talk
  • Ask him to talk to me after the meal. – 24 Diamonds – Special Illustration
  • Cut off Theo
  • Ask him if everything’s fine +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • Text him secretly and ask if he’s alright +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • React carefully + 5 Hanna’s Charm
  • Respond directly to her comments + 15 Hanna’s Charm

Chapter 12 Walking on Rose Thorns

  • Rebut what Julie said + 15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Try to clarify things
  • Thank you for your offer. But it’s fine. + 15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Thank you for your help + 5 Hanna’s Charm
  • I’m sorry, but I have to prepare for the meeting
  • I could spare about 5 minutes
  • Spare some time – 25 Diamonds +60 Chris’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Reject

If you selected Spare some time,

  • I would’ve protected that person. +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • I would’ve ask that person for help
  • So the reason they made Theo do the briefing is to –
  • But the reason they need me to act like Chris’s fiancée is –
  • What’s wrong? You don’t look so good. + 15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Where are you going? Isn’t the meeting starting now?
  • Trust Chris – 20 Diamonds + 48 Hanna’s Charm → Item: CJ Miniature
  • Go see Theo – 20 Diamonds + 48 Hanna’s Charm → Item: Theo Miniature
  • Get out of this situation

If you selected Trust Chris,

  • When did this all start?
  • What are you planning to do now?
  • Yes, I’m worried
  • I’m not worried about Theo +15 Chris’s Hearts

If you selected Go see Theo,

  • Ask how long he’s known about this.
  • Ask whether he was really going to do the briefing. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • I promise. I’ll be back and be by your side. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • To be honest, I don’t even know what I want to do.

Chapter 13 I Will Protect You

If you previously selected Trust Chris and have feelings for him, +14 Chris’s Hearts

  • Ask Chris for help +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • Look it up myself
  • Get help from him – 24 Diamonds +58 Chris’s Hearts
  • Reject his help

If you selected Get help from him,

  • Take a deep breath
  • I think I look pretty good in this
  • I should change back into my regular clothes +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Change into the dress I got as a gift

If you previously selected Go see Theo, +7 Theo’s Hearts

  • Accept his suggestion. – 26 Diamonds
  • Reject his suggestion for now.

If you previously selected Get out of this situation,

  • Tell him everything + 15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Push him back out of the room
  • [Image Option] Look to the left +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Look to the right +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • *Call Chris – 25 Diamonds +60 Chris’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • *Call Theo – 25 Diamonds +60 Theo’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Hurry up and get ready

*If you selected Call Chris,

  • Well, it just feels like a different world from mine.
  • I’m not, but we’re on a mission right now.

*If you selected Call Theo,

  • Right, do you know where Chris is?
  • I was planning on going in with you. +15 Theo’s Hearts

If you own the party dress, +7 Hanna’s Charm

Chapter 14 Russian Rullet

  • Do you go to these kind of events often when you were little?
  • Is everything going as we planned?
  • That was a pretty rude first impression +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Nice to meet you
  • Grab Miranda’s wrist. – 24 Diamonds +58 Chris’s Hearts
  • Get slapped instead of Chris

If you selected Grab Miranda’s wrist,

  • Grab the other wrist as well
  • Tightly hug Miranda +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • Tell her Chris used to mention him a lot before
  • Tell her Tyler came to talk to me himself
  • Let go of Miranda’s wrists +44 Hanna’s Charm → Item: Pink Halo

If you selected Get slapped instead of Chris,

  • Apologise for what Chris said +5 Hanna’s Charm
  • Separate them for now and take him somewhere else +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • We’re on a mission, remember? +15 Chris’s Heart
  • Does your mother know about you and Tyler? +5 Chris’s Heart
  • You still hate him because you love him
  • He’s trying to live because he loves you
  • Really? Then I’ll be extra careful +15 Chris Heart
  • Don’t worry. I can take care of myself
  • Look for Theo – 27 Diamonds +65 Theo’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Stay where I am

If you selected Look for Theo,

  • Pretend I didn’t hear anything and say hello.
  • Peek and stuck my head in. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Leave the Banquet Hall with Chris  +15 Chris’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Leave the Banquet Hall with Theo +15 Theo’s Heart

Chapter 15 Unforgettable Day

If you previously selected Leave the Banquet Hall with Chris,

  • Go and take a closer look at the picture
  • Wait until Chris comes back
  • [Outfit Selection] Change into the clothes he gave me. – 28 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Just stay in my dress
  • Are you going to see Mr Stewart?
  • Are you going to see Miranda?
  • Congratulations! That’s good news.
  • But why does it sound like it’s not just good news? +15 Chris Heart
  • But isn’t it too sudden?
  • Do you finally know what you want to do now?
  • You aren’t going to sleep in the living room, are you? – 22 Diamonds +53 Chris Hearts – Special Illustration
  • I’m sorry, but I have to go home.
  • Reply after thinking about what to say.
  • Send him a reply right away

If you previously selected Leave the Banquet Hall with Theo,

  • Wow, you’re amazing. You could pass as a chef. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Okay, be honest with me. Where did you order all this food from?
  • [Outfit Selection] Get changed into the clothes Theo gives you. – 28 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Wash my dress later
  • I’ll do it. Go sit and get some rest!
  • Alright then. Thank you.
  • It must feel great to go to Germany.
  • You’re going to stay in here, right? +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • What do you mean?
  • Are you saying he’s trying to separate us?
  • Maybe I should stay here tonight. – 22 Diamonds +53 Theo’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • I’ll save my answer for next time.

If you selected Maybe I should stay here tonight,

  • Kiss Theo on his forehead
  • Hug Theo from the back +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • No, it’s more like a preview
  • Sorry, I can’t give you a solid answer right now
  • Reply after thinking about what to say.
  • Send him a reply right away

Chapter 16 Better Now Than Later

  • [Image Option] Tyler handed me the box that he’d been holding
  • Open the box
  • Give back the box to him +15 Hanna’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Contact both Chris and Theo – 28 Diamonds +68 Hanna’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Go see Miranda Stewart myself

If you selected Contact both Chris and Theo,

  • Maybe I should just see how things go +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • Calm down!

If you selected Go see Miranda Stewart myself,

  • Show them the box Tyler gave me
  • Explain the situation first
  • Explain on behalf of Chris +15 Chris’s Heart
  • Stand behind Theo + 15 Theo’s Hearts
  • I’ll do my best to help Chris
  • We won’t let you down, Ms Stewart
  • I’ll go with Chris – 20 Diamonds +48 Chris’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • You two can go.

If you selected I’ll go with Chris,

  • Block Tyler
  • Tell him why I’m here
  • What he’s trying to say is that he needs you
  • I should just let them talk to each other
  • happy though he was in a painful situation
  • happy yet sad at the same time +15 Chris’s Hearts
  • Theo will be there so don’t worry  +15 Theo’s Heart
  • I’m going, so everything will be fine +15 Chris’s Heart
  • Enjoy the regular ending
  • Enjoy the ending with Theo (When 86% achieved)
  • Enjoy the ending with Chris (When 86% achieved)

Episode 17 In Love Again

If you previously selected Theo or Chris’s ending,

  • Theo’s secret ending (When 100% achieved)


  • Chris’s secret ending (When 100% achieved)

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