The Queens Number Walkthrough/Guide

The Queens Number: Jackpot is not my concern is an otome mobile game released by Lucydream. The English version was updated into the game on 20 January 2020. With four characters to choose from, namely, Freyr Wilder, Gon, Zhang Mo-wan and Aaron Hurt, the game has a total of 5 endings. The Queens Number has one normal ending and an ending each for the four guys.

General Guide and Tips

  • There are several character’s endings that are harder and much more expensive to unlock.
  • The general guideline of difficulty to obtaining each character’s ending would be:

(From the easiest and cheapest to the hardest and most expensive)

Normal Aaron Freyr Gon Mo-wan

  • Increase a character’s affection for you by giving them items in their hotel rooms. Note that each item can only be used once for each character per play through.
  • You can obtain character specific items by opening fortune cookies. Each fortune cookie take an hour to open and can be sped up by watching ads. Players can look at the available list rewards under Reward List.
  • Log in daily to obtain Rubies, Gold as well as affection increase items.
  • The game gives a Crisis outfit of your choice by logging in on the seventh day from your first attendance log sheet.
  • Complete any ending to receive 70 Gold which can be used to spin the Roulette to earn affection increase items and rubies.
  • Obtain up to 500 Rubies daily by watching ads under Shop.
  • Share any illustration scenes on social media also gives you 1000 Rubies(One time only).
  • Farm rubies by tapping question mark cards that appears in the main page. The ‘prizes’ at random from these cards include: Nothing, 1 Ruby, 5 Rubies and [Golden Opportunity] Watch an Ad to obtain 100 Rubies. There is no limit to this, it just takes patience and time. (If you are unable to find any card in the main screen, go to Settings and check if you have selected ON under Card Appearance)

Character Affection Gauge

The below following is just a general guideline on the amount of items and rubies needed to max out each character’s affection. You only need to purchase paid options once.

Freyr Wilder : All Crisis Outfits + All paid affection answers for Freyr (9000 Rubies) + All affection items for Freyr + Episode 4 paid affection ALL option (2100 Rubies)

Freyr affection items: [Freyr Only+ Episode] Twin Bears, [Freyr Only + Episode] Necktie, [Freyr Only] Coffee, [Freyr Only] Tiramisu, [Freyr Only] Madeleine, [General] Cocktail, [General] Special Ticket, [General] Premium Chocolate

Gon: All Crisis Outfits + All paid affection answers for Gon (13,300 Rubies) + All affection items for Gon + Black Suit Outfit (777 Rubies) + Episode 4 paid affection ALL option (2100 Rubies)

Gon affection items: [Gon Only+ Episode] Photo, [Gon Only + Episode] Handkerchief, [Gon Only] Cookies, [Gon Only] Macarons, [Gon Only] Orange Juice, [General] Cocktail, [General] Special Ticket, [General] Premium Chocolate

Zhang Mo-wan: All Crisis Outfits + All paid affection answers for Mo-wan (20,000 Rubies) + All affection items for Mo-wan + Black Suit Outfit (777 Rubies) + VIP Night/Intermission (3500 Rubies per ticket)

Zhang Mo-wan affection items: [Mo-wan Only+ Episode] Twin Letter, [Mo-wan Only + Episode] Poker Cards, [Mo-wan Only] Candy, [Mo-wan Only] Mooncake, [Mo-wan Only] Wine, [General] Cocktail, [General] Special Ticket, [General] Premium Chocolate

Aaron Hurt: 2 Crisis Outfits + All free affection answers for Aaron + All affection items for Aaron

Aaron affection items: [Aaron Only+ Episode] Dictionary, [Aaron Only + Episode] Photo of Me, [Aaron Only] Energy Drink, [Aaron Only] Hotdog, [Aaron Only] Nachos, [General] Cocktail, [General] Special Ticket, [General] Premium Chocolate

The Queens Number Walkthrough/ Guide


  • Refuse. +++ Freyr Wilder
  • Admit it

Episode 1 Ring

  • Pretend I know nothing
  • Deny
  • Admit it. – 1500 Ruby +++ Gon
  • Department store
  • Airport +++ Aaron’s affection
  • I have no idea

Episode 2 Encounter

  • Stay silent.
  • Apologize
  • Show anger. – 1500 Ruby +++ Mo-wan
  • Book a room for him.
  • Make sure he’s telling the truth.
  • Offer the suite. +++ Aaron

Episode 3 Sign

  • No…
  • Change the subject +++ Gon
  • Yes
  • VIP Exclusive Main Dishes. – 1500 Ruby +++ Gon
  • Cafe Take Out Sandwich
  • Take the next elevator +++ Freyr
  • Hesitate
  • Step in

Episode 4 The Start

  • Why did he fold? +++ Mo-wan
  • Doesn’t he know the rules?
  • Buy it. (White Wine) – 3600 Ruby
  • Watch the AD to borrow
  • I’m looking for something. – 2100 Ruby +++ ALL
  • I will tear this hotel down.

Crisis – VIP Gambling Room  [Elegant Gown Outfit Required]

  • [Time-limited] Bad Store
  • [Time-limited] Bad Store
  • [Time-limited] Good Store +++ ALL
  • [Time-limited] Good Item +++ ALL
  • [Time-limited] Bad Item
  • [Time-limited] Bad Item
  • We’re close. +++ Freyr
  • No.
  • We’re somewhat close.
  • [Time-limited] The White Night of Montreux +++ ALL
  • [Time-limited] White Night
  • [Time-limited] The movie set in Montreux

Episode 5 To Be One With The Goal

  • Visit other tables [Gon/Freyr]
  • Investigate the rumor [Zhang Mo-wan/Aaron]

If you selected Visit other tables [Gon/Freyr],

  • Call +++ Gon
  • Bet

If you selected Investigate the rumor [Zhang Mo-wan/Aaron],

  • Buy him a drink – 2100 Ruby +++ Mo-wan
  • Not now.
  • Let him go. +++ Aaron
  • Ask him to stay.
  • I heard it.
  • I didn’t hear it +++ Aaron

VIP Party – No Need for a Partner

If you selected Freyr,

[Ticket Required] Freyr| Episode: Unpleasant Party

  • [Ticketed] Greet them politely. +++ Freyr
  • [Ticketed] Greet them nonchalantly.
  • [Ticketed] Avoid eye contact
  • [Ticketed] Step on his feet +++ Freyr

If you selected Gon,

[Ticket Required] Gon| Episode: Special Escort

  • [Ticketed] Accept
  • [Ticketed] Refuse +++ Gon

If you selected Mo-wan,

[Ticket Required] Mo-wan | Episode: Awkward Dance

  • [Ticketed] Say yes
  • [Ticketed] Change the subject +++ Mo-wan

If you selected Aaron,

[Ticket Required] Aaron| Episode: It’s Prom Again

  • [Ticketed] Agree
  • [Ticketed] Deny +++ Aaron
  • [Ticketed] Be coy

Episode 6 Humiliation

  • It was fine. (Both options are okay)
  • I didn’t go.
  • Draw a card. (Both options are okay)
  • Stay.
  • Keep going. +++ Gon
  • Give up.

Episode 7 Between Truth and Lies

  • Ask about Sura. – 2100 Ruby +++ Gon
  • Don’t ask.
  • Buy the Card. (Master Card) – 3600 Ruby
  • Watch the AD to borrow

Crisis – VIP Gambling Room [Secret Rendezvous Outfit Required]

  • Slot Machine Area
  • Roulette Table Area
  • Poker Table Area
  • [Time-limited] 852741
  • [Time-limited] 794613
  • [Time-limited] 134679
  • [Time-limited] Poker Table
  • [Time-limited] Blackjack Table
  • [Time-limited] Roulette Table
  • [Time-limited] Yes
  • [Time-limited] No
  • [Time-limited] I don’t know

Episode 8

  • Accept it. ++ Aaron
  • Ask again. – 2100 Ruby
  • Accept it. +++ Freyr
  • Refuse

Episode 9 Winning Luck

  • No +++ Freyr
  • No
  • No
  • Buy it. (Car Key) – 3600 Ruby
  • Watch the AD to borrow

Intermission – Hotel Vacation

If you selected Freyr,

[Ticket Required] Freyr| Episode: Private Pool

  • [Ticketed] Don’t answer +++ Freyr
  • [Ticketed] Answer

If you selected Gon,

[Ticket Required] Gon | Episode: Secret Proposal

  • [Ticketed] I have. 
  • [Ticketed] I have not. +++ Gon

If you selected Mo-wan,

[Ticket Required] Mo-wan | Episode: Safe Person

  • [Ticketed] Gambling Table +++ Mo-wan
  • [Ticketed] Men in black suits

If you selected Aaron,

[Ticket Required] Aaron| Episode: Date with Aaron

  • [Ticketed] Yes +++ Aaron
  • [Ticketed] No

Episode 10 Unveiling Truth

  • Say the truth. +++ Mo-wan
  • Lie.
  • That I’ve heard of. (Both options are okay)
  • I’ve never heard of it.
  • Ask for details. +++ Mo-wan
  • Pass.
  • Apologize. – 3700 Ruby +++ Mo-wan
  • Deny

Episode 11 Sura

  • Don’t tell him
  • Tell
  • Respond sarcastically. – 3700 Ruby +++ Gon
  • Eavesdrop (Both options are okay)
  • Just go

Episode 12 Boundaries

  • Leave (Both options are okay)
  • Wait.
  • Apologize
  • Get defensive
  • Ask why he helped. – 3700 Ruby +++ Mo-wan
  • Understood +++ Aaron
  • I will think about it.
  • Buy a Communication Earpiece. – 3600 Ruby
  • Rent a Communication Earpiece. (Watch an AD)
  • Change +++ Aaron
  • Don’t change.

Crisis – VIP Gambling Room [Big Pocket Shirt Outfit Required]

  • [Time-limited] I have connections +++ ALL
  • [Time-limited] Stop with the nonsense.
  • [Time-limited] Tell me.
  • [Time-limited] Work together with Deva.
  • [Time-limited] Work together with Freyr.
  • [Time-limited] Work together with me +++ ALL
  • [Time-limited] Support Deva. +++ ALL
  • [Time-limited] Support Chang.
  • [Time-limited] Support Me.
  • Freyr +++ Freyr
  • Aaron +++ Aaron
  • Mo-wan +++ Mo-wan

Episode 13 Freyr Wilder

  • The relationship between Freyr and the hotel +++ Freyr
  • The relationship between Griffin and the hotel
  • Listen to his story. – 4500 Ruby +++ Freyr
  • Don’t listen
  • Aaron +++ Aaron
  • Mo-wan +++ Mo-wan
  • Gon +++ Gon

Episode 14 Invitation to Danger

  • She’s not here +++ Gon
  • Get it myself
  • Yes
  • No one
  • Gon – 4500 Ruby +++ Gon
  • Mo-wan – 4500 Ruby +++ Mo-wan
  • Aaron +++ Aaron
  • Take the Earpiece – 3600 Ruby
  • Rent an Earpiece. (Watch an AD)

Episode 15 Russian Roulette

  • Freyr – 4500 Ruby +++ Freyr
  • Mo-wan – 4500 Ruby +++ Mo-wan
  • Chang +++ Aaron
  • Accept (All options are okay)
  • Accept
  • Accept
  • Raise hand
  • Watch

If you selected Watch,

  • Draw (All options are okay)
  • Draw


Normal : At the Plan’s End | Aaron: Place to Return to | Freyr: At Last We Are | Gon: Same Peace | Mo-wan: A Sigh of Relief

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