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[Update] Rewind back in time with Story Jar’s newest releases Rewind and The Last Sacrifice – A King’s Past –

Shall We Date series has released their newest titles, Rewind and The Last Sacrifice – A King’s Past – under their Story Jar app. Both stories were released on 20 January 2020.

Written by the same writers who wrote The Last Sacrifice, Rewind is a fantasy and mystery story with a total of 30 chapters.

UPDATE: You can find the walkthrough for Rewind here and The Last Sacrifice – A King’s Past –here.

Rewind Synopsis

(From Story Jar)

Who was it that died then?

“Time Reversal”

I’ve been able to solve many mysteries with this power.(Oh yeah, and my childhood friend Walt has helped along the way!)

And now, we find ourselves here at Shielah’s House.

Eight of us, all about the same age, have gathered here to prepare for a festival.

I was really hoping we could all get along, but things have turned sour pretty quickly!

It looks like we’ve got a case on our hands to solve.

There’s no way I’m letting the culprit get away.

Don’t you dare go anywhere, scoundrel!

I’ll do what it takes to stop you!


The Last Sacrifice – A King’s Past- is the latest spin-off from The Last Sacrifice series. With a total of 10 chapters, the popular vampire story sees Irving revealing his past to Claire.

The Last Sacrifice – A King’s Past – Synopsis

(From Story Jar)

This story goes back to the time of Hayden’s rule as the Blood King. Irving finds himself struggling to try and deal with the Blood Assembly and Hayden’s fanatical followers. Frustrated with his lack of power, a lone man appears before Irving…

Story Jar – Shall We Date can be download in Google Play and App Store.

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