Upcoming otome game Eden of Ikemen: Love in a Lost World available for pre-registration

Eden of Ikemen: Love in a Lost World is an upcoming otome mobile game by AbracadabraGames x EMIQ that will be launched this summer.


“Who will you choose to live with in an eden of love and desire?”

“If you want to get out of this island alive, stay close to me.”

The luxurious cruise ship that you’re on sinks.
The 14 survivors, including you, are washed up on a desert island.

Escape is your main goal, but a series of dangerous traps set by an unknown perpetrator keeps coming your way.
What will you do when it turns out that an intricately designed trap was to blame for the sinking of the luxurious cruise ship!?

On the island full of conspiracy, you find yourself being protected by charming ikemen with unique personalities!

Will the path you’re on lead you to your fated one?

Who will survive with you on a deserted island of love and desire!?


Other Characters

Image may contain: 3 people, suit

Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and text

Players can pre-register for the game and receive in-game items for every goal achieved. Receive special scenarios of Eiji, Joshua and Fenrir if a total of 10,000 players pre-register for the game!

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Will you be able to survive in the island filled with so much unknown? Pre-register Eden of Ikemen: Love in a Lost World by following the game’s Facebook or Twitter.

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